Reflexology and healing in Copenhagen

What is a session with me like?

Reflexology is always the starting point for my treatments, but a session may also include healing, clairvoyant messages and guidance on diet, herbs or supplements – depending on what your body calls for.

I treat you physically, by massaging specific points on your feet, but I may also move on to the body and work with and affect the energy in and around you, so that there is life and movement throughout you.

I see you

The energy that works through me shows me where in your body the energy is blocked and what causes you to become ill or have the symptoms you have. Through both conversation and treatment, the energies are moved in a way that will help you get better.

How often do you need to come for treatment?

A treatment course is very individual, and the course and number of treatments vary greatly. But as a starting point, it may be an advantage to come 2-3 times at a week’s intervals.

There is no lower nor upper limit for how many treatments a course can stretch. And it will always be necessary to regulate and correct, depending on how you feel and how you react.

Most of my clients come not only when they get sick, but get treatment preventive and as an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Book an appointment

If you understand some danish, you can book an appointment online right here or you can shoot me an email at email hidden; JavaScript is required or send me a text at +4521760373

I will be looking forward to see you and help you !

All the best